ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN    PBA Architects create designs that support client goals by blending creativity and practicality with the future in mind. The key to PBA's success has been collaboration, which is incorporated into everything the firm does.

 MASTER PLANNING  Creating a blueprint for the future and is an ongoing process of identifying the "big picture".  At PBA we work together with the owner and community to evaluate the needs, goals, and objectives, to create a collaborative vision of the facilities long term plan . . .
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 INTERIOR DESIGN   Our professional staff provides a variety of services including finishes, furniture, fixtures, and equipment selections, space planning, and specifications that create a cohesive bridge between design, style, and function to suite your needs.

 ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY   PBA strives to create safe, sustainable, balanced first cost and life-cycle cost, energy efficient and healthy building solutions with environmental responsibility.  We're proud to have been the Architect for the first LEED Gold Certtified high school in the state of Kansas.

 TORNADO SHELTER DESIGN   The safest place for school children during severe weather is a designed/engineered storm shelter that meets Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines.  PBA Architects has been at the forefront of tornado shelter design since 1999 . . . More information