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The safest place for school children during severe weather is a designed/engineered storm shelter that meets Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines.  PBA Architects has been at the forefront of tornado shelter design since 1999, designing more than 30 shelters and protecting the lives of more than 15,000 of students and residents of Kansas.

What once may have been considered an acceptable storm shelter area just a few years ago, in all probability does not meet current FEMA, ICC 500 or NSSA guidelines. FEMA has developed guidelines for tornado safe areas that are intended to provide “near absolute protection” from 250 mph winds. This means minimizing the probability of death and injury during a tornadic event.  To date, our firm has assisted school districts across the state in facilitating the use of over 6.4M dollars in funding from FEMA to design safe places.

Balancing creativity with expert knowledge of storm shelter design criteria, PBA has created multi-purpose rooms, classrooms, science labs, music & art rooms, and community activity spaces that also serve to protect people in the event of tornadic conditions.  Without compromise of aesthetics or safety, PBA continues its legacy of service with recent completion of projects offering shelters in Augusta, Baxter Springs, Girard and Wellington, KS. 

PBA Architects is uniquely positioned to offer a full array of tornado shelter design services to concerned building owners, including site assessments of existing facilities, design analysis of existing refuge areas, determination of options for owners, design of new tornado safer areas and Peer Review. 

PBA Mock Shelter Wall Test at Texas Tech

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